2023 NFL International Series

2023 NFL International Series

For many NFL fans, the International Series is a much-anticipated event. And for a good reason—the games are always well played and exciting. But you may not know that this event is more than just a one-time occurrence.

In fact, the International Series will continue in 2021 and 2024, with each year featuring a different country as the host. If you’re a fan of NFL football, you should keep an eye out for these games in the future. Not only will they be entertaining to watch, but they will also expose you to new teams and players from all over the world.

The NFL International Series in 2023

The NFL International Series in 2023 will take place in Mexico City and Los Angeles. The game between the Rams and Raiders will be the first ever game to take place outside of the United States.

The NFL has been travelling to different parts of the world for years now, with regular season games being played in London, Mexico City, Barcelona, Minneapolis, Toronto, and New York City. This year’s edition of the International Series featured a game between the Patriots and Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

Both Mexico City and Los Angeles have large populations of people who are big fans of American football. In fact, it is thought that there are more fans of American football in Mexico than anywhere else in the world!

Los Angeles has already hosted a regular season game between the Chargers and Saints earlier this year. The stadium that will be used for the 2023 game is Aztec Stadium which is located in downtown Los Angeles.

Mexico City will also be hosting a regular season game later this year between the Chiefs and Cowboys. The stadium that will be used for this game is Estadio Azteca which is one of the largest stadiums in North America.

The Games

The NFL International Series is a series of American football games played between American and Canadian professional teams since 2014. The games are held in Mexico City, Toronto, London, and Frankfurt.[1]

The first game took place on November 26, 2014 in Mexico City. The Americans defeated the Canadians 35-21. In 2015, the series moved to Toronto. The Americans again won, this time 34-3. In 2016, the series moved to London where the Canadians defeated the Americans 24-21 in overtime. In 2017, the series moved to Frankfurt where the Americans won 20-17 in overtime.

How to Watch the NFL International Series

In the NFL International Series, American football fans can experience a taste of the action from across the pond. The series features teams from England, Ireland, and Italy competing against each other. This year’s edition will take place in London and will feature matchups between the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fans in the UK can watch all of the action live on Sky Sports Premier League Pass. In addition, some matchups will be aired on CBS Sports Network in the USA. Those interested in following along can find all of the game times and streaming links below:

Sky Sports Premier League Pass – All games are airing live
CBS Sports Network – Some games are airing live
UK Live Stream – Click here to stream all games live on UK Live Stream

Ticket Information

The NFL International Series is a series of games played by the National Football League (NFL) in London since 2007. The series has been played every year except for 2009 and 2015, due to the United Kingdom’s participation in the European Union. The 2017 game was played at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, October 28.

Tickets for the NFL International Series are available through Ticketmaster. In addition to regular-season games, the series has also hosted American Bowl and Pro Bowl exhibitions. The regular season game typically features one of the weaker teams from Major League Baseball (MLB), while the other three games have featured teams from the National Football League Europa (NFE). As of 2019, all seven games will feature an international opponent.

Since 2007, when London was awarded a hosting rights for an NFL game, there have been much discussion on how to make it work financially and logistically. Obviously with anything new comes some risks but overall it seems that both sides have come out winners with this venture into international football. Currently in terms of attendance, London ranks 3rd behind Mexico City and Atlanta which is surprising seeing as Mexico City hosts two games yearly and Atlanta only has one game every few years

With such a large following internationally for American football there was always going to be interest in this series even if just for curiosity sake but what makes it so special is that almost every team involved has some connection to Europe or North America so you get to see top level talent from overseas take


It’s been announced that the 2023 NFL International Series will be hosted in London, marking the first time an NFL game has ever been played outside of North America. This is a huge deal for not only the league but for the city of London as well, and it’s clear that both parties are excited to put on a show. With games scheduled for early September, there is sure to be plenty of excitement leading up to what is sure to be another successful season for both sides.

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