5 Reasons why Pakistan can win this T20 World Cup in Australia

5 Reasons why Pakistan can win this T20 World Cup in Australia

Pakistan has been a cricketing powerhouse for many years, but they’ve yet to win a World Cup. Australia is the country that has stopped them every time. This year, however, may be different. Pakistan has a strong squad led by arguably the best player in the world, Virat Kohli. Here are five reasons why Pakistan can win this T20 World Cup in Australia: 1) Their strong batting lineup. 2) They have good bowlers who can put pressure on the Australian batters. 3) Their fielding is exceptional, which allows them to hold their leads and keep the run rate down. 4) They have a good team spirit and are well-coached. 5) They have a powerful support system, including a passionate fan base in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a strong batting lineup.

Pakistan has a strong batting lineup by veteran opener Younis Khan. The other batters in Pakistan’s lineup are quality players who can exploit any Weakness in their opponents’ defense. This batting lineup will be critical in helping Pakistan to win the T World Cup in Australia.

The bowling attack for Pakistan is also very strong, with both quick bowlers and spinners available. These bowlers can take wickets at any time and control the match tempo. The fast bowlers can cause havoc for the opposition batters and restrict them from scoring runs freely.

The fielding of Pakistan is also world-class, and they are always a threat to catch any ball that comes their way. On the field, they are very disciplined, and this helps them maintain control over the match situation.

Pakistan’s bowling attack is formidable.

Pakistan’s bowling attack is formidable. They have some of the best slow bowlers worldwide, including Misbah-ul-Haq, Yasir Shah, and Umar Gul. These players can take the wickets any time and restrict the opposition to low scores. Although they may lack some pace in their batting lineup, Pakistan has a strong batting lineup and, overall, has a very balanced side.

Another reason why Pakistan can win this T World Cup in Australia is their fielding. They are one of the best fielding teams in the world, with excellent catching and boundary-throwing abilities. This will be vital in preventing runs from being scored against them and allowing them to pressure the opposition batters.

Finally, Pakistan is an experienced campaigner. They have repeatedly played at major tournaments and know how to win games. This will be crucial in progressing through the group stages, as they will face tougher opponents.

Australia will struggle to contain Yasir Shah

1. Australia’s batting lineup is weak
The top six in the Australian batting lineup have an average of just 27.71, which puts them at a massive disadvantage against any bowling attack. Pakistan’s world-class bowlers will be able to take advantage of this weakness.
2. The Australian’s offense is reliant on Big Bash League stars
This means that when these players are not performing, Australia struggles greatly. Pakistan has a vast array of international stars who can give big scores, ensuring that the Aussies do not always have the upper hand.
3. Australia has no clear leader
Australia is missing a clear captain, and this lack of leadership will be exposed in the World Cup. Without a powerful leader, the team will not be able to come together and make strong strategic decisions.
4. Australia relies heavily on slow bowlers
When faced with batters such as Yasir Shah, who can score quickly off short deliveries, Australia’s defense will struggle tremendously. This reliance on slow bowlers will leave Pakistan with many opportunities to take wickets and win games for their team.
5. The Australians field poorly
Pakistan fields brilliantly and could easily cost Australia matches during the World Cup. They often man-of-the-match award winners like Mitchell Starc incorrectly, and this can cause problems for their opponents later in matches

Australia is notorious for poor fielding

1. Cricket has always been a part of Australia’s culture, and the country is renowned for its fielding skills.

2. Australia has had several world-class fielding coaches, such as Greg Chappell and Clive Lloyd.

3. The Australian slip cordon has consistently been one of the best in the world and is well-drilled in field positioning.

4. Australia has a strong backbone of experienced players who can play consistent cricket throughout the tournament.

5. Pakistan has often struggled at international tournaments, particularly regarding their batting performance. However, they possess some talented cricketers, led by captain Sarfraz Ahmed, who can challenge Australia in this regard.


There are many reasons why Pakistan can win the T20 World Cup in Australia this year. Firstly, they have a very experienced squad with experience playing in big tournaments such as the ICC Champions Trophy and the World T20. They also boast some of the world’s best players, including Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, and Younis Khan. Playing at home will give them extra motivation to achieve success, and Pakistan has proved that they can knock out strong opponents in previous tournaments, such as the ICC Champions Trophy.

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