In the first tape-ball tournament to feature Pakistan and India

In the first tape-ball tournament to feature Pakistan and India

The first-ever tape-ball tournament featuring Pakistan and India is set to take place in Karachi on February 18. The tournament, organized by the Pakistan Tapeball Federation (PTF), will see top Pakistani and Indian players clash in a series of matches.

The tournament aims to promote international friendship and sportsmanship between the two countries and encourage young people to take up sports. The event marks a big step forward for the sport of tape ball, which has been gaining popularity in recent years. The tape ball is perfect for indoor play with its simple rules and low-impact nature. And with such events, it’s sure to attract even more attention from audiences and players alike.

Background of the Tape-Ball Tournament

The tape-ball tournament, held in the United Arab Emirates, features Pakistan and India as the only teams. This is a first for the sport, traditionally dominated by countries such as Spain, Argentina, and Sweden. The event is at the Sharjah International Cricket Stadium and is scheduled to end on February 25.

Pakistan’s head of cricket administration, Javed Miandad, said he was happy to see his country represented this way. “It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our skills,” he said. “We are looking forward to playing against India.” India’s captain Sunil Gavaskar was also pleased with the fixture. “I’m very much looking forward to playing Pakistan,” he said. “They are one of our main rivals.”

How the Tournament Will Work

The International Tape-Ball Championship will take place on September 4-6 in Lahore, Pakistan. The event is being organized by the World Tape-Ball Federation, with support from the All Pakistan Sports Board.

The championship will have eight teams – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines – competing in a round-robin format. Each team will play the other once. The top four teams will then progress to the semi-finals and final stages.

Players from Pakistan and India

The first international tape-ball tournament featuring Pakistan and India is set to take place in Mumbai later this year. The event, hosted by the World Tape Ball Federation (WTBF), aims to promote friendship and understanding between the two countries.

According to organizers, the tournament will allow players from both countries to compete against each other on an even playing field and foster better relations. “Tape-ball is a very friendly game,” said Mohammad Asif, secretary general of WTBF. “It allows people to interact with each other and build bridges.”

India has been a leading player in the world of tape ball for many years, while Pakistan has only recently begun to make significant inroads. However, both countries have great talent and are expected to do well at the tournament. “This competition will help us gauge where we stand as a team,” said Mohsin Sheikh, captain of Pakistan’s team. “We want to win, but more importantly, we want to show our strength as nations.”

What to Expect at the Tournament

The inaugural tape-ball tournament between Pakistan and India will take place in Karachi on March 27. The event, organized by the Pakistan Table Tennis Federation (PTF), aims to promote friendly competition between the two countries and foster better ties.

“This is a very good opportunity for us to play against each other and improve our skills,” said Anil Kumar, secretary general of the Indian Table Tennis Association. “We are looking forward to joining the event and playing against Pakistan.”

Pakistan won the first-ever World Table Tennis Championships in 1951. India has emerged as one of the top table tennis nations, winning over half of all international tournaments since 1975. However, despite their strong results, Pakistani players have not always received well by their Indian counterparts. In recent years there has been a thaw in relations between the two countries, with both sides looking to build on this positive momentum through sport.

The tape-ball tournament is just one element of this renewed cooperation. In February 2016, Pakistani athletes participated in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi alongside their Indian counterparts. And earlier this year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Pakistan and attended a cricket match between India and Pakistan. These events are an important step towards repairing frayed ties between the two countries and building closer cooperation in various fields – including sports.

Prize Money

Pakistan and India will battle it out for the first time in a tape-ball tournament when the event kicks off in Karachi on October 7. The $10,000 (approximately Rs. 54 lakh) prize money is up for grabs, with first place earning $5,000 (approximately Rs. 26 lakh), second place taking home $2,500 (approximately Rs. 13 lakh), and third getting $1,250 (approximately Rs. 6 lakh).

The eight teams are divided into two brackets – Men’s Division A and B. Each team will play three games against their opponents in the respective bracket to determine who moves forward to the semi-finals and final rounds. The semi-final matches will be played at the Gaddafi Stadium, while the final match will occur at Lahore Cricket Club Ground on October 14.


A Pakistani and Indian team will compete head-to-head in a tape-ball tournament for the first time. The competition, set to take place in London this September, will see teams from both countries compete for a prize pool of £10,000. This event marks an important step forward for both countries and shows how open the global arena has become. With continued growth and development, we hope future tournaments will feature even more diverse participants worldwide.

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