Lamar Jackson Will Be Ravens' Quarterback in 2023

Lamar Jackson Will Be Ravens’ Quarterback in 2023

This is big news. Lamar Jackson, the Heisman Trophy-winning Louisville quarterback, signed a contract to play for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023. He will be with the team for at least three more seasons. If you’re a Ravens fan, this is exciting news.

This may be even more exciting news if you’re not a Ravens fan. The reason? Jackson is a potential superstar and could be the biggest asset the Ravens have had in a long time. If you’re not familiar with Jackson, here’s a little about him: he was drafted by the Ravens in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft and quickly became one of their most important players.

He led his team to victory in both the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Although he is still young (only 23 years old), there is no doubt that Jackson has star quality. And with three more seasons left on his contract, he could become one of the most famous players in Baltimore history.

Lamar Jackson is the Future of the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (4) is sacked by Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) in the first quarter at M&T Bank Stadium. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the most popular teams in the NFL, and for good reason. They’ve been to the playoffs 11 times since 2002 and have a pretty solid record overall. However, their future looks a little bit uncertain. At the moment, they have starting quarterback Joe Flacco as their signal caller. He’s been with the team since he was drafted in 2008 and is 34 years old. He’s had some great moments throughout his career, but he’s also had some inconsistent performances. It would be tough to replace him, so they may need to look towards finding someone new soon.

Enter Lamar Jackson. The 23-year-old quarterback out of Louisville was drafted by the Ravens in 2018 with the No. 26 pick overall. He had an impressive college career, completing over 67% of his passes and scoring over 30 touchdowns while only throwing nine interceptions in 38 games played. He also ran for over 2,000 yards and 32 scores during that time period too. Jackson has all of the tools you look for in a quarterback: size (6’3″, 232 pounds), mobility (4.43 seconds in 40-yard dash), accuracy (60 percent completion rate as a college player), and arm strength

Jackson’s Strengths

Jackson is a dynamic playmaker with a bright future. He has the ability to run with power and speed, as well as make difficult throws on the run. He also has excellent accuracy, ball control, and touch. Jackson’s biggest strength may be his ability to read defenses and make quick decisions.

Jackson’s Weaknesses

With Lamar Jackson orchestrating the Ravens offense, opponents will have their work cut out for them this season. Here are five of Jackson’s weaknesses that could cost Baltimore in 2017:

1. His lack of experience
Jackson is only 24 years old, but has only started one full NFL season. He has played in just 11 games, including six starts, over the course of two seasons. That doesn’t give him enough time to learn an entire playbook and make all the necessary adjustments on the fly – which could lead to some inconsistency at times.

2. His mobility limitations
Jackson isn’t a particularly fast or agile quarterback, which can be a liability against tricky defense coordinators who know how to take advantage of those deficiencies. He also isn’t always accurate when he needs to throw on the run – leading to interceptions on occasion.

3. His inaccuracy under pressure
One of the things that pundits love about Jackson is his ability to play through tough situations and make plays with his feet – but that quality can backfire against good defenses when he’s under pressure and unable to get rid of the ball quickly enough. In 2016, he had eight sacks taken away from him as a result of being sacked – which was fifth-most in the league among quarterbacks with at least 250 passing attempts (minimum 20 attempts per game).

4. His inexperience in big games
Not only did Jackson not play in any playoff games as a rookie (stuck on the bench for the Ravens’ loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Divisional Round), but he has also failed to win any big games in his short career. He was benched in the fourth quarter of the Ravens’ loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2017 AFC Championship Game, and he has also come up short in key games against other quality opponents.

5. His lack of a deep ball
One of Jackson’s biggest strengths is his ability to throw long passes downfield – something that can be incredibly useful in Baltimore’s offensive system. However, he struggled mightily with this trait during his rookie season, completing just 47 percent of his throws that traveled at least 20 yards downfield (the third-lowest rate among qualified quarterbacks).

How Lamar Jackson Can Help the Ravens in 2023

Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the NFL and he’s set to have a breakout year in 2019. The Ravens are primed to make a playoff run with him under center, and there’s no reason they can’t do even better with him leading the offense.

Here are five reasons why Lamar Jackson will help the Baltimore Ravens in 2023:

1. His running ability will complement Joe Flacco well. Lamar Jackson is one of the most dangerous runners in the NFL and his speed and agility will add an extra dimension to Baltimore’s offensive attack. He can take off on long runs or break through defenses on short ones to create big plays for his team.

2. His passing skills are top-notch too. Lamar Jackson has a great arm strength and accuracy, which makes him an ideal quarterback for deep passes downfield. He also has good pocket presence, which means he can avoid getting sacked as often as other QBs. This can help keep the offense on schedule and give Joe Flacco more time to throw touchdowns.

3. He’s a great leader on and off the field. Lamar Jackson is one of the most confident players in the NFL, which comes from having been through so much success at such a young age. He knows what it takes to win, both on and off the field, which will be beneficial for the team as a whole. He’s also a popular player among


After months of speculation, the Baltimore Ravens have finally announced that Lamar Jackson will be their starting quarterback in 2023.

While there are still many questions to answer about the Heisman-winning quarterback’s career, it is clear that he has a bright future ahead of him. With an experienced head coach in John Harbaugh and a talented roster at his disposal, Jackson should have no trouble taking the Ravens to new heights in the years to come.

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