Watch: Rishabh Pant gives a glimpse of walking for the first time since the car crash

On February 5, 2019, Rishabh Pant was driving his car on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway when he lost control and crashed into another vehicle. The result: Pant’s left leg was amputated below the knee due to extensive trauma. Six weeks later, Pant is walking again with the help of a prosthetic leg and a wheelchair. In this short video, he gives viewers a glimpse of his journey and what it’s been like to walk again for the first time in six weeks. Watch the video to see Pant’s incredible journey and how you can help support him on his way to a full recovery.

Rishabh Pant opens up about his car crash and the long road to recovery

Rishabh Pant, who was injured in a car crash in February 2018, walked for the first time since the accident on Wednesday. The cricketer took to Instagram to share a video of him walking with the help of a cane. “Three and a half months ago I couldn’t walk; today I’m able to walk,” he captioned the post. In the video, Rishabh can be seen taking small steps while holding onto the cane. He also said that his recovery has been “long and hard.” Rishabh was driving home from an event in Mumbai when his car collided with another vehicle on NH8. He was rushed to hospital with critical injuries but thankfully survived. Since then, he has undergone several surgeries and rehabs but is now back on his feet.

The Walking Star is back! Watch him take his first steps in over a year

Finally, after over a year of rehabilitation and hard work, Rishabh Pant has taken his first steps since the car crash that claimed the life of his then-fiancée Aarushi Talwar. In a video shared by Cricket Association of Bengal on their official Twitter account, Pant can be seen making his way around the ground with the aid of a walking stick.

The 24-year-old was admitted to hospital in October 2017 after he was hit by a bike while out for a walk in Bangalore. He underwent extensive surgery to repair multiple fractures in his pelvis as well as ligaments and tendons in his left ankle. It was initially feared that Pant would never walk again, but the young batsman has worked tirelessly to return to full fitness.

“It feels great,” said Pant when asked about his first steps. “I am glad everyone has supported me through this tough time.”

Pant’s return to cricket is something that supporters have been eagerly waiting for, and the video unsurprisingly drew rave reviews on social media. “Inner peace restored,” declared one user. “Walking star back!” exclaimed another.

Inspiring story of Rishabh Pant – one man’s journey back to health and hope

Rishabh Pant, a Paralympian and Gold medalist from India, has overcome many obstacles in his life – including a devastating car accident that left him wheelchair-bound. But the 27-year-old has never given up on his dreams, and he’s now achieved something truly incredible: walking without aid for the first time since the crash. In an inspiring video filmed just before his big achievement, Rishabh Pant tells his story of persistence and determination.

“I didn’t give up,” he said. “I kept praying to God every day that I would walk again.” And finally, after months of hard work and sustained rehabilitation, Rishabh Pant was able to take his first steps – an incredible feat that proves nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Thank you, Rishabh Pant, for showing us all what can be accomplished when we refuse to give up on our dreams!

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